SSE MBA Corporate Partner Scholarship

Application deadline has passed

You are welcome to apply for this scholarship again next year.

About the scholarship

The Stockholm School of Economics invites our Corporate Partners to nominate their top talents to receive a scholarship for the SSE MBA Executive Format program. The scholarship covers the full tuition fee of SEK 465.000 + VAT.

Each Corporate Partner is encouraged to nominate 1-2 top talents for the scholarship before August 31.

Candidates are ideally high-potential managers:

•with an entrepreneurial spirit and a proven record of successful leadership
•who would benefit from building a strong network in Sweden and Scandinavia
•with (at least) a Bachelor degree, a high level of English proficiency and a minimum of five years relevant work experience

To nominate a candidate, or have someone else in your organization nominate a candidate, please fill out this form.

If you have any questions about this form or the scholarship, please contact